We now offer a SAVINGS PLAN

ODC Dental Savings Plan

Don’t have dental insurance? No Problem! Here at Oneonta Dental Center, we have you covered! Now you can keep everyone in the family smiling with high quality dental care. Now there is no need to cut corners on your oral health because you don’t have dental insurance. ODC Dental Savings Plan can save you money in all your dental treatments from cleanings and fillings to cosmetic procedures and crowns. 

Professional dental care is a necessity for everyone these days, although being able to afford it has not always been within reach – until now!

ODC Dental Savings Plan is the solution for health-conscious individuals looking to maintain their oral health and minimize dental care expenses.  It provides greater access to quality dental care and offers benefits usually found only in high priced insurance plans.

We offer three discount plans that will save you money on your dental care here in our office!  Our plans allow for a complete continuation of preventative care. We want to help you prioritize your oral health by providing dental discount plans, we can help our patients who are in between jobs or do not have dental insurance.  Our ODC Dental Savings Plan has:

  • No yearly or lifetime deductible
  • No waiting period on any service
  • No yearly maximums
  • No age limit
  • No Pre-enrollment exam
  • No hassles dealing with insurance companies
  • No more pre-authorizations required                                                   

Enroll today…. And Start SAVING!

With a minimal annual enrollment fee, you will receive professional and comprehensive dental care at substantially reduced rates. We have options to fit everyone’s budget…


Silver Plan - $175 per year

  • One complete exam                (value $61)
  • One cleaning                           (value $72)
  • Bitewing x-rays                       (value $49)
  • Panoramic x-ray or FMX         (value $106)
  • Discount of 15% on all regularly priced services



Gold Plan - $250 per year

  • Two cleanings per year                                                (value $144)
  • Two exams per year                                                    (value $122)
  • Bitewing x-rays twice per year                                     (value $98)
  • Panoramic x-ray or FMX once every three years        (value $106)
  • Fluoride twice per year (if needed)                             (value $54)
  • Two emergency exams with single x-ray per year (if needed)    (value $144)
  • Discount of 15% on all regularly priced services



Platinum Plan - $475 per year

  • Four cleanings/perio maintenance per year             (value $400)
  • Two exams per year                                                   (value $122)   
  • Bitewing x-rays twice a year                                       (value $98)
  • Panoramic or FMX once every 3 years.                      (value $106)   
  • Two emergency exams with single x-ray per year     (value $144)
  • Discount of 15% on all regularly priced services
  • Recommended for patients with Periodontal problems


Terms and Conditions:

  • ODC Dental Savings Plan is NOT a dental insurance plan.  It is a membership plan that provides a discount on regular dental services received only at Oneonta Dental Center.  It does not apply to any other office or any office you might be referred to. This plan is for patients not currently covered by dental insurance. 
  • The annual membership fee must be paid up front to receive the discount. Discount is good only for the patient the plan has been purchased for and is non-transferable. 
  • Membership dues are payable in full upon enrollment and are non-refundable.
  • Cash, credit card or debit card payments are accepted.
  • There will be a $50 broken appointment fee charged without a 24 hour notice.
  • The discount starts immediately with no waiting period.
  • The discount is good for one year from date of purchase.  You will receive a membership card that will contain the expiration date. You must present this card at each visit to receive the discount.
  • There is no refund of any portion of the membership fee once any services have been received by the member.
  • There is no refund for unused services; if you choose not to come for your 2 cleanings per year or 4 cleanings per year/perio maintenance, there is no refund and the benefits do not “roll over” to the next year.
  • The discount is not valid with any other coupon, discount, promotion or special offer.
  • Discounts do not apply towards products purchased from our office. Discounts only apply to services.
  • If you should obtain dental insurance after purchasing an ODC Dental Savings Plan membership, the membership becomes void.  No refund is due. 

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