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Dr. Shivari Pandit & Nurses,

Thanks so much for being very kind and understanding. For giving me the teeth, the smile I've always wanted but never had, until now! I actually want to smile, I want to eat now! Not because I have to, because I want to! I no longer feel like I need to harm myself, because if my teeth & my new smile can get me through the great days it can also help me through the horrible ones. I'm aware that the journey to recovery is a long and difficult one, but with the confidence and strength my new teeth and new smile gives me I know I will, I know I can, make it there!

Thank you, Thank you!

-Ashley, October 2018


"Dr. Pandit,
I wanted to share with you a picture taken recently with my husband and my grandson where my new smile is very evident. I really appreciate the work you and Dawn did and it has really made a difference in how I look at myself and don't mind getting pictures any more. Now John is talking about getting his smile fixed. You may have another Coffield in the chair next year.

We love our Dentist and the staff. The whole experience has been great. Every appointment has been super easy and any follow up appointments are scheduled with ease. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone."

-A. Smith, August 2014

"I was worked in due to a toothache. Dentist diagnosed as a sinus infection being felt in my tooth. Prescribed antibiotics. Worked like a champ! Thank you very much!"

-J. McHan, November 2014

I was pleased with the result of my treatment for a loose implanted tooth. it was able to be re-tightened, for which I am very thankful. The Doctor and staff are always very nice and concerned about me personally as well as a patient."

-G. Hanson, December 2014